Unit 9 The English Club
Unit 9 The English Club
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一、教学内容:牛津小学英语5 B Unit 9  A部分
1.       四会单词、词组: visit, visitor, travel, go around, the Great Wall, New York.
2.       三会交际用语:  I like traveling. I’d like to go around …
I want to visit …
3.       四会句型:  Where is he/she from?    He/She’s from…
Where are they from?   They’re from…
Does he/she speak …?   Do they speak…?
   New words and drills.
   Can use the following sentences:
   I’d like to go around…   I want to visit …
Step 1 Review
1.       T: There are a lot of countries in the world. What country do you know?
Ss: I know Australia / America /Japan…
T: Where are you from?
 Ss: I’m from…
 T: Do you speak …
2.       Show the pictures of different countries. Ask and answer:
Where are they from? Do they speak…
Where is he/she from? Does he/she speak…
Step 2  New lesson teaching
1.         T: We are all from China. It’s very beautiful and great.
I like traveling. I’d like to go around China.
( Teach: travel 旅行 go around 环游,走遍)
How about you?
Ss: I’d like to go around the USA/…
2.         Show the picture.
T: I want to visit the Great Wall in Beijing and the gardens in Suzhou.
( Teach: visit 参观 the Great Wall 长城)
Where do you want to visit?
Ss: I want to visit …
T: Now I am a visitor. We are visitors. ( Teach: visitor 参观者)
3.  Lead to new dialogue of Part A.
T: Now the English Club has a visitor today. His name is Mr White.The children are talking to Mr White. What are they talking about? Look at the screen.
Ss: (Look at the screen.)
4.Talk about the dialogue.Show the questions: 
Who is the visitor? Where is he from?
Where are the Children from?
What do they like to do?
    Ss answer the questions.
5. T: (Show a form) Here is a form about the dialogue.
Listen to the tape and finish the form.
Ss: ( Listen and finish the form.)

Mr White
Wang Bing
Liu Tao

   Talk about the form.
6.       Open the books ,turn to Page 68. Read the dialogue after the tape.
Read after the teacher.
7Talk about Mr White. Mr White is a… He likes … He would like to …
Step 3 Homework
1.         Copy the new words.
2.         Read the dialogue of Part A.
本课的核心教学内容是介绍国家、国籍和语言,重点学习句型Where are you from? Do you speak …? 及其答语。我借助多媒体的展现,把真实的语言环境引入课堂,激发学生说英语的欲望。由于学生对话题比较感兴趣,多媒体展现的内容也很生动,学生思维活跃,积极性很高。结合学生掌握情况,我还适当补充了另外一些国家大名称和语言,为学生进一步交际提供广阔的训练空间。在本课教学中,我还特别注意了读写结合,培养学生多方面的技能。
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